Board And Committee

Honorary Chairman

Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State


The Late John Castro

Board of Directors

President, Event Chair

Kyle Richardson, CFE, CEC, CHE, AAC

Vice President, Director of Publications

Carmella Anello


Joe Aiello CEC, AAC

Secretary, Chef Selection Committee Chair

Cary Miller HAAC, Food Industry News

Donation Chair

Kate Newton, North Shore CC


Chef Hans Aeschbacher

Chairman and Co-Founder

John Kaufmann, CFE, CEC, AAC, HOF, HGT

Public Relations

Director of Public Relations

Julia Shell, Julia Shell Public Relations

Our Dear Friend and Co-Founder- John Castro

It was 1978 when Chef John Castro and Chef John Kaufmann had an idea to give notice to the great chefs of Chicago. In 2005 Chef John Castro brought up the idea again to the board of the ACF Chicago Chefs Association, and it was there that the foundation started moving forward with the help of Chef Chas Boydston and Chef Jessie Cobb.

With Chef Castro knowing many of the industry leaders, his first choice to induct into Chefs Hall of Fame was Chef Charlie Trotter. John Kaufmann started the process in setting up the Chef Trotter venue. The sold out event was held at the Renaissance Hotel Chicago and attended by fellow chefs, industry leaders and dignitaries. Guests enjoyed socializing with one another while sampling a beautiful array of hors d’oeuvres, followed by a marvelous dinner. The evening’s honoree, Charlie Trotter, had the opportunity to meet and speak with fellow celebrity chefs and guests alike. The emcee was Cary Miller, Vice-President of Food Industry News, who introduced the President of the Chicago Chefs of Cuisine, Jesse Cobb, Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, Dr. Wayne Watson, who read a congratulatory letter from Mayor Richard Daley. Bill Kurtis also attended and introduced Charlie Trotter, who had many inspiring things to say about the brotherhood of all chefs.

Charlie Trotter also donated 1,000 of his cookbooks to the Chicago Culinary Museum and Chefs Hall of Fame and a $10,000 yearly scholarship in his name to our Scholarship Fund.